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Future of grassroot-coaching - by MyHomefield

Imagine you go to look at your child's football game as a coach for the team. You take up your mobile and start recording the game.

All the data is captured in real-time and you start to get feedback.

Where is your team? On the Offensive or Defensive? Closed quarter, roaming the field ? How much-obstructed line of sight vs easy to pass ?

Your coach yelling "Move on home, protect the goal!", "Make yourself visible" etc suddenly has a basis.

After a while the app starts to state:

Which players feel energetic, who lacks motivation?

Based on previous training data start to tell if the player's behavior is less good - could be sickness or an injury? How long have they been on the field - ready for a switch?

You make the necessary switches, knowing that you have been equal to all players as well as taken care of them the best way.

At the end of the game, the app summarizes all data and sends it together with a video, so that you can look at and analyze it on your laptop when you come home

You will be able to see how much each player did and not did do. Based on your high or low criteria you can match each unique player's circumstances to a unique training setup.

Does the player lose the ball a lot - needs more coordination and ball control.

Does the player have a full energy in the beginning but a lot less in halftime - cardio and strategy?

Do the player excel, and in what? Let them know!!

Do the player lack motivation - reach out, and talk it through.


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