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Time to compete..

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AI Coaching on your phone!

Bringing AI-driven sports-coaching to

anyone anywhere anytime!

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MyHomeField Demo

Boy with Tennis Coach

Positive Coaching? 

How do I make sure I'm positively coaching

School Uniform

Screenfixated teen?

How do I make my players


Soccer Player

Performance ?

How do I enable each player based on



Young Basketball Coach

No time ? 

Spending all my free time to make it work ? How do I spend



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Coaching you can trust!

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01. Realtime feedback

Whether you are doing a fun casual game or a basic skill-strengthening exercise, the app AI will provide feedback in real-time! That can be counting the kicks at the ball, the position of the ball in the goal, or the angle of your standing when you do a kick!

02. Neutral coaching

You can use it as a "solo" setup, where you as a player get feedback from the phone only! A player can be connected to a physical coach and provide a flexible way to build skills.

03. Track progress

As a player, you get statistics and progress data. Also, you get points for exercises and participating in events. Over time you and/or your coach can track your progress and, with that, guide you on what to focus on to get maximum skill gain.

04. Have fun

Challenge yourself, do some kicks or participate in campaigns, coach traction events, and peer competition!

Earn points and coins to buy add-ons or even make your subscription fee for a month!

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Earn coins by doing exercises, challenges, get on the leaderboard, gain new users etc.

You need coins to use features, buy add-ons and join competitions

10000 COINS!

Get a month of all player features for 10000 coins!

All coach features for a month cost 10000 coins!

Cost to participate in an event like a challenge varies. 

Coins can also be used to style and enhance your videos!

Is it free?

Yes. Players can earn coins.

Currently 10000 coins can be procured for €3.

But some features give you DGOLD Coins - getting a new user give you 3000 coins, winning an top10 leaderboard position gives 5000 coins and each exercise done properly gives 50-200 coins.

This means that it is possible to gather coins that can be used to pay for the month ahead. 


Coins you buy for real money is GOLD COINS and they keep their value until used. 

Coins you acquire through the game features and invites etc are DGOLD COINS. DGOLD coin's value expire over time- i.e. 1 DGOLD coin have the same value as 1 GOLD coin when you get it, but over time the value of the 1 DGOLD coin will become 0.


Think of it as fruit, where in the beginning it is fresh and over time become stale and uneatable.



Ever enhancing

  • Do your exercises anywhere in the world, at anytime.

  • Compete with anyone, anywhere!

  • Coach anyone, anywhere!

  • Everyone are invited!

  • Exercises can be monitored by the AI in players phone. 

  • AI will score players performance - no need for a coach to go through a lot of emails/messages/videos

  • Feedback in realtime 

  • Share videos of the exercises - if you want

  • Follow up performance and motivation of each player.

  • Get AI suggestion on how to treat yourself as player or your team as a coach! 

  • Exercises are added monthly

  • Leaderboards are updated daily

  • Challenges are done weekly

  • Feedbacks are encouraged - feedback leading to features gives coins


  • As a coach, just invite all players, other coaches, parents - as much as you want

  • Connect them to the same team, by inviting them.

  • Add more players, coaches, parents as you like at anytime.


  • For a fraction of the big sport analysis packages, you will get a very easy to use and feature-rich system - in your smartphone!

  • Players can earn COINS that can be used to pay the cost for a month or for an added feature.

  • Coaches/parents/players can acquire coins that can be shared to other players

  • A coach can set a goal for the team, that if reached, coins will be awarded to the players.


  • Intention to connect to all major sport organisations, country and globally, to to help drive a baseline for any sport.

  • Everyone should be allowed to get the minimum coaching to reach "good" level.

  • Drive a standardisation in coaching and exercise management

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Understand Your players Better!

As a coach, you have limited time to meet and guide your team players.

You might have that big folder of exercises that you bring to the field every 2-3 times a week.


You explain, show slides, and you exercise on the field


Then you say, can you do this at home? Team members say "Yes!",

but you wonder about the time put in when you get back to the next training.


With MyHomefield App, as a coach or parent, you can easily select an existing training or make a quick recording and save it as training and delegate it to your team or individual player.


Add some coins for their effort!


You can then easily follow up on their progress in your app or on the web!



Wanted to make it easy to coach football, Marcus Fagerdal, parent and coach at a youth football team in Sweden, designed a simple prototype that could track a ball and a player. Realising that smartphones have become so fast for AI realtime processing, a startup was formed. Now aiming for 2022 to release an easy-to-use, affordable football coaching system. 


We believe that in a few years everyone will have adopted AI in every aspect of their life.

We will provide an easy to use, affordable sports coaching system to casual gamers, amateurs, coaches/parents, all over the globe. We also believe that all players and coaching engaging in this way of working will lift themselves, their team, and the sport significantly!


Newer smartphones, like iPhone 11+, with AI enable CPU cores are loaded with strong features to do real-time analysis. Together with strong social community features and large library of exercises and events, will through  technology merge social communication and coaching proficiency with players and sport.

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Image by Sven Kucinic
Image by Vienna Reyes
Image by Alex

Youth team-coach and parent 

“I really like the idea and looking forward to coach my junior-league team with this app.”


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Looking forward to next stage of Myhomefield!

Submissions now full! Thank you all for signing up! 

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